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Albanic TV
Albanian TV 225 A1 TV
Albania Real
Galician TV
Arabic TV
Arabic TV
German TV
450 3Sat, Germany Real
325 ARD Tagesschau, Germany Real
700 Bahn TV, Germany Media
300 Deutsche Welle, Germany Media
500 Motor TV, Germany Media
192 N-TV, Germany Media
364 OK43, Germany Media
450 Raze TV, Germany Media
498 ZDF, Germany Media

Irani TV
Iran Real

Greek TV

Chinese TV
China 300 CCTV 9
China Media 210 TCTV
China Media

Hungarian TV
450 ATV, Hungary Media
487 EskuvoTV, Hungary Media
310 HIR TV, Hungary Media
748 HotSpot TV, Hungary Media

Croatian TV
Croatia Real

Czech TV
400 Ceska TV, Czech Republic Media
786 Ocko TV, Czech Republic Media

Dutch TV
800 3/12 Central, Netherlands Media
800 3/12 Onstage, Netherlands Media
417 3FM.TV, Netherlands Media
800 Consumenten TV, Netherlands Media
800 Cultura, Netherlands Media
800 Dier & Natuur TV, Netherlands Media
230 Donna Radio, Belgium Media
800 Geschiedenis, Netherlands Media
800 Holland Doc, Netherlands Media
500 Jeugdjournaal, Netherlands Media
800 Journaal 24, Netherlands Media
800 Museum TV, Netherlands Media
800 Nederland E, Netherlands Media
320 RNN 7, Netherlands Media
800 RTLZ, Netherlands Media
100 RTV NH, Netherlands Real
491 RTV Oost, Netherlands Media
800, Netherlands Media
796 Talpa, Netherlands Media
491 TV Gelderland, Netherlands Media

Korean TV
218 L-TV, South Korea Media
273 MBN Dream, South Korea Media
Kurdish TV
Latvian TV
273 EuroTV, Latvia Media
226 TV5 Live, Latvia Media
Luxembourgish TV
329 RTL, Luxembourg Media
Malay TV
Maltese TV
Norwegian TV
Persian TV
Polish TV
450 ATVN, Poland Real
141 ITV, Poland Media
218 Telewizja Trwam, Poland Media

English TV

Portuguese TV
112 Faab TV, Brasil Media
128 Mana Sat, Portugal Media
192 TV 10, Brasil Media
291 TVCN, Brasil Media
Romanian TV
150 TVRI, Romania Real
Russian TV
Serbian TV
100 RTS 1, Serbia Real
100 RTS 2, Serbia Real
Slovenian TV
Spanish TV
Swedish TV
241 Canal 7, Sweden Media
Thai TV
539 News 1, Thailand Media
Turkish TV
100 TRT 1, Turkey Media
100 TRT 2, Turkey Media
100 TRT Int, Turkey Media

Estonian TV
245 Life TV, Estonia Media

Finnish TV
800 Funet, Finland Real
341 Taru-Tv, Finland Media
400 TV Oddasat, Finland Media
332 YLE24, Finland Media

French TV

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